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Copy Questionnaire

Thank you for choosing Rockcake Creative as your designated web designers! We are thrilled to have you on board.

Please fill in the below in as much detail as you can, it is extremely important to Emily that your brand ‘tone of voice’ is heard loud and clear. The more you can write the more Emily has got to work with!

Emily may not choose to use all that you have written below. Take your time and don’t be nervous. It is time that your company gets the web presence it so deserves. Trust us, once you start, it’s a piece of cake!

Which would you prefer? First person - I have/ We have OR Third person - She has/They have
ie. Are your products handmade? Are they bespoke? Are your products only made with Belgium chocolate?
Use words which describe the functionality of your company ie. 'The Florida Brownie Specialist' 'Homemade brownies, delivered to your door'
ie. Nike - 'Just do it NB. This helps us decide the tone of voice used in your copy, this does not mean we will use it on the site.
Complete company overview. WHAT DO YOU DO? WHY DO YOU DO IT? WHAT IS YOUR AIM/GOAL? To include keywords, indication of product/service, indication of target market if applicable. At least 300 words.
Yes/No - Please describe if so, please add any links etc.
Counties/towns and/or postcodes/zip codes. Please include whether or not you offer delivery and or collection
Full address | Email | Phone Number etc.
Please include - Whether or not we pay on arrival or beforehand etc. Please give us as much detail as possible.
About you, about the business, about business growth so far and future plans. About your personal hobbies if you would like. Include photo of you, if you would like. You can talk about your children, pets or additional part time other job. What are your passions? What do you love about your baking business?
Things to consider - in the event of an illness, in the event of a cancellation, in the event of refund request, in the event of the unavailability of a specified colour order. Consider all eventualities! NB. You can ask us to include Jane Taylor's template Terms & Conditions with a proof of purchase.
Any faqs that you think will rule out common and frequent questions you receive by email before, during and after an order.