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Welcome to Rockcake Creative

The Cake Website Specialists

What is a cake website specialist?

In short, we are! We absolutely love all things CAKE! We have a love for the cake industry like no other which is why we decided to branch out into RockCake Creative. We have been working in marketing and web design for years, It is our passion to see businesses go from strength to strength. We know we can help you along the way as we have done with many other businesses, many times! The hardest part? The commitment to starting out and building your digital presence. We know we can help you, you just have to ask.

Let's Spark Some Ideas

We have worked with clients from all over the world. Ask yourself this, are you ready for a beautiful web presence? That is all we need to know. Let’s make your business work harder for you, and not the other way around. 


What do you need to know?

We offer a full handover service to all of our clients. This means that when the job is finished or the payment plan is complete, you are in complete control and ownership of your assets!  This means that you never have to ask us for information if you don’t want to – but we are always here if you need us!

Jen is our in house designer extraordinaire. She is absolutely amazing at building websites to really showcase your products in their beautiful glory. 

Emily is our Woocommerce expert, she knows how to show your products in their best light. Multi talented, she will also help you to write all of your website text/copy to attract your ideal customer. 

Frances is our techy whizz kid who will make it all work together seamlessly, she also will create your SEO plan to make sure you show on search engines such as Google. 

Are you ready? Come on, it’s a piece of cake. 

Jane Taylor - Founder of Taylor Made Cake Courses ™

Well what can I say, I have nothing but praise for Fran, Emily and Jenny. Combined they make my life a thousand x easier!

I was really struggling with keeping up with the marketing side of my companies. Even making slight alterations on my website would of been a weeks worth of hassle for me!

Because I am on a retainer, my requests are dealt with promptly and diligently. I can trust them all with my businesses! I’ve never questioned this and that’s the piece of mind I need to allow me to get on with what I do best! Piping flowers. Their marketing strategies and plans have always paid off and their knowledge of this industry and their design ideas are the best on the market.

I’m very lucky! I would, and do recommend them to everyone who needs help with marketing and web design

Lisa & Darren Keehn Owners - Buttercream Boutique Inc.

People always say “You can’t buy time”, but the team at Rockpool Creative has proven that statement false.
When my husband and I started our business, we were quickly overwhelmed with the amount of time spent responding to customer inquiries and taking orders. This actually was taking more time than working to fill our orders. Wanting more of a work/life balance, we knew that we desperately needed a professional website to answer customer questions, showcase our product, and offer online ordering and automatic management of our schedule.
The talented trio of ladies at Rockpool were ideal to help us bring our vision to life. They were professional yet made dealing with them incredibly comfortable – like we were interacting with friends that we’ve known forever. They listened to what we were needing, they provided input and guidance to help us navigate the areas we were unfamiliar with (of which there were many), and ultimately used their expertise to create a beautiful and functional website that we are incredibly proud to show off.
The support is also second to none – we are so grateful to be able to ask a question and get a prompt response. The customer service is exceptional.
All said, if you are a business looking to gain time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, look no further than the best and put your trust in the team at Rockpool Creative.
Lisa & Darren Keehn
Owners, Buttercream Boutique Inc.


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